Weaving the Word by Rob Dreaming

Pazartesi, 12 Nisan, 2021

20:00 – 21:30 Turkey time (17-18:30 GMT)

Weaving the Word by Rob Dreaming

April 12 / Our word carries our present self into sound. We reveal, initiate and create ourselves by bringing such word, song or vocal expression into life. When in circle, and as our words are woven heart-fully together with others, just like a basket made with many reeds, we co-create something that can hold a bigger story, a greater picture than any single one of us.

In this circle session we will enter the mystery and magic of the weave, what to listen for, how a communication more or less has impact, the quality of intention from both listening, expressing and being.

Guide: Rob Dreaming

I am a recognised Carrier, Facilitator and Trainer of Way Of Council, trained by elders of the Ojai Foundation, Gigi Coyle and Marlow Hotchkiss, many others and the practice itself. I currently mentor others on the path of Way of Council, having facilitated Council talking circles with regular practice, workshops, and trainings, UK and Europe since 19 years.

I believe our connection to nature is an intimate and inseparable partnership – A relationship which directly calls for a re-membering, particularly across ‘westernised’ societies, to reawaken a common gratitude, sanctity and respect for each other, the environment and all life.

Listening in, out & beyond

Listening in, out & beyond

May we get support from this photo to extend an invitation, that might speak to our heart. The person in the photo could be you, me, any of us, or it could be a group of people, a couple, a community, an organization, or humanity. During this journey, it will be us. The microphone is a technology that we use to extend our ears over the edge, to listen to puffins. The microphone could be our listening skill, or a social way that helps with collective listening. The edge could be the edge of all that we think we know or the invisible sid…

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