Silence as gift, guide & gateway by Sarah Whiteley & Kamyar Houbakht

Pazartesi, 24 Mayıs, 2021

20:00 – 21:30 Turkey time (17-18:30 GMT)

Silence as gift, guide & gateway by Sarah Whiteley & Kamyar Houbakht

May 24

Silence is Often
Silence is often underrated
Delegated to the Back of the Line
A tone in its own time
Undisturbed by the others
Silence is often feared
Yet revered by Soul’s longing
For Stillness and Solitude
Where Silence meets its Mate
Silence is often embraced
And traced to the deepest corners
Of the Globe, the Back-tracking
And landing into Moments of Peace
Silence is often powerful punctuation
In the Mainstream Motion
Of lives lived Loud
Yet waits to be invited, Always
Yet Silence is Often
Most Welcomed in my Day
To share the Tones and Wonder
That Otherwise stay Silent
Silence is often deemed a solitary act
One that asks for space to be cleared
Yet as powerful as any
Are the ones shared with others…
– Sarah Whiteley, The Order of Creation
With all the noise on the surface, we invite us to come together in Silence as gift, guide & gateway on this step of the Listening journey.

Guides: Sarah Whiteley & Kamyar Houbakht

Sarah Whiteley

Kamyar Houbakht

Listening in, out & beyond

Listening in, out & beyond

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