Seeing & the Art of Photography by Haris Kakarouhas

Pazartesi, 26 Nisan, 2021

20:00 – 21:30 Turkey time (17-18:30 GMT)

Seeing & the Art of Photography by Haris Kakarouhas

April 26

Photograph is a beehive of life and meaning
beyond logical explanation

It is not a trace of life

It is not a comment about life

It is life itself

A reflection of consciousness

Like myth carries the truth

The drop that contains the ocean

My suggestion is that the photographer has to enter into a conscious relationship with what he’s doing to realise first and foremost that his photography is linked to him by an umbilical cord. It is the mirror of his inner world and images are not good or bad but true or false in relation to his own truth. And by saying truth I’m not referring to ideas or concepts but to a state of being. Thus, the image ceases to be an object of criticism and becomes a meeting point. We feel that it is complete we do not try to understand it. We like it, we don’t like it, or it leaves us indifferent. But this is accompanied by sensations thoughts and feelings if we explore them we enter into a dialogue and a real relationship with ourselves. And as this relationship depends, so our photos acquire substance. And when we feel touched by an image, it is not sentimentalism, it is what happens when our inner truth recognise itself in the picture. The above way gives essential meaning and understanding to photographic act transmute it to a path of consciousness. And the product of this kind of art, reflects this consciousness functioning like mirror of our own truth.


Guide: Haris Kakarouhas

Haris Kakarouhas was born in Athens, Greece. Studied Cartography (Diplome) in the University of Thessaloniki, Colour Theory & Visual Perception (M.Sc) in the University of Glasgow and Photography (Ph.D) in the University of Derby (title of thesis ‘Prosopography’ – Mapping the Self). He has also studied several different forms of art therapy, as well as other practices of contemporary psychotherapy.

His photographs have been published and exhibited extensively in Greece and abroad. His books are On the timelines (Photohoros Publ.), Natural Presence (Luminous Eye Publ.) and Suspended Time: a Cuban portrait. The latter has been published in six European countries. He has won the European Publishers Award and has been a runner-up for the Schweppes Photographic Portrait prize. He has also been awarded the Milos prize for the Art Book of the Year in Greece. He has served as the artistic director of the Eco-Art Festival in Athens, Greece, organised by the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change and the National Museum of Contemporary Art in 2013. He currently teaches photographic workshops under the thematic title In sight photo: photography as conscious act. A number of his works are found in museums and private collections. Co owner and artistic director at Luminous Eye gallery (

Listening in, out & beyond

Listening in, out & beyond

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