Beauty & Praise by Debra Roberts & Filiz Telek

Pazartesi, 07 Haziran, 2021

20:00 – 21:30 Turkey time (17-18:30 GMT)

Beauty & Praise by Debra Roberts & Filiz Telek

June 7 / In a time of unprecedented chaos and paradox, both personal and cultural, our lives depend on our capacity to remember the beauty way and to open ourselves to the great mystery that surrounds us with its immaculate ways. However flawed human choices and actions may be at this time, the song of an intelligent universe precedes our evolutionary struggles and guides us to a higher order when we listen deeply:
How can we go through this initiation we seem so destined to experience?
How will we dance with the great unknown and the mysteries of death and rebirth?

One way we can sanely relate to mysterium tremendum et fascinans (term coined by Rudolf Otto describing the numinous as “the terrible and fascinating mystery”) is by courting and praising beauty, which helps to keep the song of our hearts alive. In this session, we will explore: Beauty as medicine and a sacred act in our lives; and our relationship with beauty as part of the great remembering of the everyday mystery we are each a part of. We will also look at different forms of praise as the foundation of gratitude and in particular, the poetic form. We will appreciate poetry as a vibrant form of praise which directly speaks to and touches our hearts and minds in the darkest of times.

Guides: Debra Roberts & Filiz Telek

DEBRA ROBERTS hangs her hat at the crossroads of the arts and spirituality, in loving service to life. She was Director of the New Mexico Literacy Theater (promoting literacy in prisons, pueblos and rehab centers around the Southwest), a performer with Playback Theatre and a member of Coyote Gathers His People (a Native American performing troupe). She is Founder of Little Pearls (tiny films that open hearts and minds), creator of Prasad for Women: Talks for Fifth World Women Walking Upright (a CD series for women), a dancer, documentary filmmaker, and grew up in a vibrant arts and crafts household. In 2004, honeybees Called and Debra responded. She is now a passionate honeybee speaker, educator, poet and international bee celebrant. Debra resides in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina with her organic food farmer husband Joe, cat Habla and thousands of honeybees. She can also be found at

FİLİZ TELEK keeps close to the Aegean shore line as the sea is one of her many Earth guides and elders. She lives a slow and abundant life in a small village surrounded by forests and mountains in Southern Turkey. Filiz is a visionary trailblazer, creator and space holder; she has focused on women circles since 2013 and grief work since 2016. She is the author of the book Kadınlar Şifadır (Women are Medicine) which was published in January 2021. Filiz is passionate about creative mischief and playful collaborations that cultivate a life-affirming culture with the human and more-than-human world. She can also be found at

Listening in, out & beyond

Listening in, out & beyond

May we get support from this photo to extend an invitation, that might speak to our heart. The person in the photo could be you, me, any of us, or it could be a group of people, a couple, a community, an organization, or humanity. During this journey, it will be us. The microphone is a technology that we use to extend our ears over the edge, to listen to puffins. The microphone could be our listening skill, or a social way that helps with collective listening. The edge could be the edge of all that we think we know or the invisible sid…

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