Ancient Oriental Music Therapy by Andrea Azize Guvenç

Pazartesi, 15 Mart, 2021

20:00 – 21:30 Turkey time (17-18:30 GMT)

Ancient Oriental Music Therapy by Andrea Azize Guvenç

March 15

Guide: Andrea Azize Guvenç

I was born in Essen, Germany in 1957 and grew up there.

I am an occupational therapist and worked for many years in Germany and Austria in different institutions and my own practice.

In 1994 I met Dr. Güvenç with the Ancient Oriental Music & Movement Therapy (AOM), which was embedded in an open, far-thinking and practicing Sufism. Both impressed me so much that I did the AOM training and turned to spiritual practices.

In 1999, Dr. Güvenς and I went to Turkey. From then on we lived, worked and traveled together until my husband’s death in July 2017.

For the group Tümata (Turkish music in research and presentation) I work internationally as an organizer, singer and dancer.

Listening in, out & beyond

Listening in, out & beyond

May we get support from this photo to extend an invitation, that might speak to our heart. The person in the photo could be you, me, any of us, or it could be a group of people, a couple, a community, an organization, or humanity. During this journey, it will be us. The microphone is a technology that we use to extend our ears over the edge, to listen to puffins. The microphone could be our listening skill, or a social way that helps with collective listening. The edge could be the edge of all that we think we know or the invisible sid…

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