Listening in, out & beyond

Listening in, out & beyond

May we get support from this photo to extend an invitation, that might speak to our heart.

The person in the photo could be you, me, any of us, or it could be a group of people, a couple, a community, an organization, or humanity. During this journey, it will be us.

The microphone is a technology that we use to extend our ears over the edge, to listen to puffins. The microphone could be our listening skill, or a social way that helps with collective listening. The edge could be the edge of all that we think we know or the invisible side of anything that flirts with our attention. Maybe there are themes or figures that show up in our dreams. Maybe there are mysterious beings, like viruses, that come out of no-where and start to play with our scientific knowledge, the way a cat plays with a ball of yarn. Maybe there is a body symptom, a thinking pattern, or a relationship pattern that demands our attention. And some days it can be just a bird that sits on the edge of our window. Or maybe one day a real puffin.

If we are meant to know what we are being invited to, then there is no point in using too many words.

Together we will practice extending our ears over the edge.

Guided Sessions & Timings

Join us to a journey of listening. There will be seven guided sessions on Zoom, each one designed and hosted by a guide that illuminates the receptive principle in their practice. In the two-week period between the guided sessions, there will be group practices and a zoom community meeting to reflect on our shared experience.

  1. Ancient Oriental Music Therapy by Andrea Azize Guvenç – March 15
  2. Sound & Story by Polina Tšerkassova – March 29
  3. Weaving the Word by Rob Dreaming – April 12
  4. Seeing & the Art of Photography by Haris Kakarouhas – April 26
  5. Movement with Alexa Rani Schmid – May 10
  6. Sensing Still. by Sarah Whiteley & Kamyar Houbakht – May 24
  7. Beauty & Praise by Debra Roberts & Filiz Telek – June 7

Community Meetings

There are community meetings every two weeks, in between the guided sessions. They are open for participation on voluntary basis, for whoever wants to share experiences and reflect with others.

Gathering in Place

We are also looking at the possibility of physically coming together, when the conditions allow, somewhere in Turkey. The timing and details will depend on many unknown factors that we will keep listening to.

Financial Contribution

Baykus Okulu works based on gift economy; pay what you can. What ever amount you choose to contribute during the registration, a portion of it will be asked as down payment to complete the registration.

Contributions will be offered to Baykus Okulu and all the guides, as a gift of appreciation.

Registration Form


Introduction & Preparation

8 Mart, 2021

March 8 / This session is hosted by a circle of guides and organizers. We will meet as a whole group, getting to know one another, to start the 14 week journey together. There will be a general introduction to the journey. We will also form of the sub-groups, which will continue to work together for the next four weeks.

Community Conversation

22 Mart, 2021

March 22 / We come together to share reflect and share experiences, from our practice with a wider field.

Sound & Story by Polina Tšerkassova

29 Mart, 2021

March 29

Polina is going to invite us on a journey with soul-centered storytelling and sounds of rare musical instruments. We will explore different levels of listening from the perspectives of a musician and a storyteller. No matter what your experience in music or storytelling is, the insights Polina shares may be fruitful for anyone.

Community Conversation

5 Nisan, 2021

April 5

Weaving the Word by Rob Dreaming

12 Nisan, 2021

April 12 / Our word carries our present self into sound. We reveal, initiate and create ourselves by bringing such word, song or vocal expression into life. When in circle, and as our words are woven heart-fully together with others, just like a basket made with many reeds, we co-create something that can hold a bigger story, a greater picture than any single one of us.

In this circle session we will enter the mystery and magic of the weave, what to listen for, how a communication more or less has impact, the quality of intention from both listening, expressing and being.

Community Conversation

19 Nisan, 2021

April 19

Seeing & the Art of Photography by Haris Kakarouhas

26 Nisan, 2021

April 26

Photograph is a beehive of life and meaning
beyond logical explanation

It is not a trace of life

It is not a comment about life

It is life itself

A reflection of consciousness

Like myth carries the truth

The drop that contains the ocean

My suggestion is that the photographer has to enter into a conscious relationship with what he’s doing to realise first and foremost that his photography is linked to him by an umbilical cord. It is the mirror of his inner world and images are not good or bad but true or false in relation to his own truth. And by saying truth I’m not referring to ideas or concepts but to a state of being. Thus, the image ceases to be an object of criticism and becomes a meeting point. We feel that it is complete we do not try to understand it. We like it, we don’t like it, or it leaves us indifferent. But this is accompanied by sensations thoughts and feelings if we explore them we enter into a dialogue and a real relationship with ourselves. And as this relationship depends, so our photos acquire substance. And when we feel touched by an image, it is not sentimentalism, it is what happens when our inner truth recognise itself in the picture. The above way gives essential meaning and understanding to photographic act transmute it to a path of consciousness. And the product of this kind of art, reflects this consciousness functioning like mirror of our own truth.

Website: hariskakarouhas.com

Community Conversation

3 Mayıs, 2021

May 3

Movement with Alexa Rani Schmid

10 Mayıs, 2021

May 10 / letting the soft animal of our body love what it loves

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.
Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world goes on.
Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscapes,
over the prairies and the deep trees,
the mountains and the rivers.
Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,
are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting –
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.

Mary Oliver
Wild Geese

a moment to connect with our body
allowing to be with all that is
perhaps allowing softening
perhaps touching some resistance
a moment to breathe and listen
soft animal
yielding into what is calling
and what it loves

Community Conversation

17 Mayıs, 2021

May 17

Silence as gift, guide & gateway by Sarah Whiteley & Kamyar Houbakht

24 Mayıs, 2021

May 24

Silence is Often
Silence is often underrated
Delegated to the Back of the Line
A tone in its own time
Undisturbed by the others
Silence is often feared
Yet revered by Soul’s longing
For Stillness and Solitude
Where Silence meets its Mate
Silence is often embraced
And traced to the deepest corners
Of the Globe, the Back-tracking
And landing into Moments of Peace
Silence is often powerful punctuation
In the Mainstream Motion
Of lives lived Loud
Yet waits to be invited, Always
Yet Silence is Often
Most Welcomed in my Day
To share the Tones and Wonder
That Otherwise stay Silent
Silence is often deemed a solitary act
One that asks for space to be cleared
Yet as powerful as any
Are the ones shared with others…
– Sarah Whiteley, The Order of Creation
With all the noise on the surface, we invite us to come together in Silence as gift, guide & gateway on this step of the Listening journey.

Community Conversation

31 Mayıs, 2021

May 31

Beauty & Praise by Debra Roberts & Filiz Telek

7 Haziran, 2021

June 7 / In a time of unprecedented chaos and paradox, both personal and cultural, our lives depend on our capacity to remember the beauty way and to open ourselves to the great mystery that surrounds us with its immaculate ways. However flawed human choices and actions may be at this time, the song of an intelligent universe precedes our evolutionary struggles and guides us to a higher order when we listen deeply:
How can we go through this initiation we seem so destined to experience?
How will we dance with the great unknown and the mysteries of death and rebirth?

One way we can sanely relate to mysterium tremendum et fascinans (term coined by Rudolf Otto describing the numinous as “the terrible and fascinating mystery”) is by courting and praising beauty, which helps to keep the song of our hearts alive. In this session, we will explore: Beauty as medicine and a sacred act in our lives; and our relationship with beauty as part of the great remembering of the everyday mystery we are each a part of. We will also look at different forms of praise as the foundation of gratitude and in particular, the poetic form. We will appreciate poetry as a vibrant form of praise which directly speaks to and touches our hearts and minds in the darkest of times.

Gathering in Place

15 Eylül, 2021

We are imagining us coming together, somewhere in Turkey. The time and place is unknown.


Rehber: collective-listening

A group of friends, a collective in listening.

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