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Nicole Crabtree

Nicole Crabtree

Meditation changed my life.

When I mediate I feel a deep sense of interconnection and gratitude.

The very act of sitting in meditation, even for 5 minutes, connects me to a deep state of grace.

Sharing this state instills me with a clear sense of purpose.

Once someone said to me, “Meditating won’t make you money. Meditate less, work more.”

Some part of me believed them, and I meditated every day anyway.

I discovered that meditation is food for my soul.
Meditation is how I nourish myself every day to live life fully.

Daily meditation opens my mind to the infinite possibilities in life, personally and professionally.

During the pandemic I asked myself what I could do to contribute to my own wellness and the wellness and healing of others. The answer came clear, meditate. First, I committed to increase my regular meditations to 1-2 hours per day. Next, I began an online meditation group with a small circle of close friends. Before I knew it, my path was clear.

For more than two decades I have been offering and sharing meditation practices and techniques with clients and training groups, in combination with my skills as a nutritional therapist, spiritual guide, massage and voice therapist.

My entire adult life I have been involved in personal and professional development. Since 1992 I have been a personal coach, teacher, and trainer, living and working in the United States, Russia, Turkey, Italy, and Switzerland.

In all this time, meditation played a key role in my own development. What started out as a way to relax evolved into a way to heal and activate myself. Naturally meditation became a key component to my coaching and teaching practices. Today with guided, breath, and sound meditations I assist clients to connect to their soul selves, heal, find peace, be present, and activate themselves in meaningful and authentic ways, at work and at home.

Empowering us all to let go and live life on purpose in the absence of judgement and in the presence of joy and love.

I offer private sessions in person and online. All of my work is based on an individual approach that starts with you wherever you are in this moment.

Contact me now and let us share the journey.
[email protected]


Özel: Discernment: Identify And Transform Your Habits Back to Conscious Choices

Özel: Discernment: Identify And Transform Your Habits Back to Conscious Choices

Süresi: 6 weeks
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Practice Your English

Practice Your English

Süresi: 5-10 weeks
In an intimate group, have a weekly English conversation based on themes that fit your language needs.   Stat date: 24 November, 2020   Minimum level: Intermediate Maximum participants: 5   Weekly meetings on Tuesdays 8 pm Turkish time To register contact Nicole directly at [email protected]  
Living on Purpose. A class to connect, heal, and unite.

Living on Purpose. A class to connect, heal, and unite.

Listen. Stop for a moment and be still. Tune in to the sounds and signs of your soul, to the nature within and without. All the answers are there ready to guide you to living on purpose in life’s organic flow. Start the new year with clear intentions. The Living on Purpose series offers you the opportunity to meet yourself where you are in the moment and connect to what serves your living on purpose. It may be a connection to rest, activation, the release of long carried burdens or blocks, for each person it will be unique. Organized in t…
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Celebrate Chinese New Year

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